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  • Absolute or Dry Fasting Absolute or Dry Fasting Absolute or dry fasting is the ultimate fasting frontier. How long do you think you can go without food OR water? Dry fasting is often used as a means of treating severe infections and life-threatening illnesses, including cancer and viruses. Its effectiveness in treating and/or curing these conditions, however, has not been proven by science yet. However, in terms of weight loss, it is not unusal for a three-day dry fast to result in weight loss of 30+ pounds.
  • Calorie Restriction Calorie Restriction Many people out there believe that, unless they eat unti they're stuffed, that they didn't have a good meal. They gain more and more weight over the years and become obese. This is where constantly seeking to satiate hunger always leads. The truth is that the only amount of food that our bodies need can be held in the palm of your hand. How does that compare to the portions that you eat on a regular basis? The challenge I present in this section is that, like it or not, we MUST train ourselves to always be 'a little hungry.' Not only will you NOT gain weight, but you will develop "mental muscles' against hunger that will behlp you remain thin and healthy for the rest of your life.
  • Water Fasting for Quick Weight Loss and Detoxification Water Fasting for Quick Weight Loss and Detoxification Water Fasting is, by far, one of the most powerful forces of weight loss and healing on the planet. Yes, it can be quite challenging, especialy during the first days of detoxification. But the benefits that one receives in energy, health, peace and overall wellbeing makes any discomfort worthwhile.
  • Juice Fasting for Weight Loss and Detoxification / Body Detox Cleansing Juice Fasting for Weight Loss and Detoxification / Body Detox Cleansing
  • Colon Cleansing Colon Cleansing You may have heard the saying that "Death and Disease Begin in the Colon." It is true; if you eat porly, get little or no exercise, take no herbal supplements and are more than 50 pounds overweight, then chances are that you have struggled with constipation. The problem with constipation is that the majority of the toxic debris is NOT discharged, so it keeps recirculating through your bloodstream and harming other organs. I highly recommend a lemon or coffee enema every three months, and a professional colonic annually. The cleaner your digestive system is, the less likelihood of disease.
  • Fasting for Weight Loss and Detoxification Fasting for Weight Loss and Detoxification
  • Intermittent Fasting Intermittent Fasting Intermittent Fasting For Quick Weight Loss and Detox Body Cleansing. In this section, we will give you detailed instructions on how to fast on Alternating Days and Still Drop The Pounds Fast and Reclaim optimum levels of health.
  • Fitness & Exercise Fitness & Exercise One of the BEST ways to keep the weight off after fasting is definitely exercise. I resisted this for many years, even after I had lost all of the weight. But then I started getting hit with depression. I got so scared that, against my wishes, I started to work out. Within two weeks, the depression was gone, I was sleeping better, eating less and feeling better than ever!
  • Tirumph Over Binge Eating Disorder Tirumph Over Binge Eating Disorder If you have struggled with obsessive/compulsive overeating (or you know someone who does), then you (probably) know FIRSTHAND how destructive this sickness is, and how it can literally turn an otherwise vibrant person into a prisoner of his (or her) mind and body. A human being caught in the downward-spiral of binge eating is, without a doubt, being assailed by a vicious mental and physical behemoth of utter destruction.
  • Christian Fasting Christian Fasting Spiritual / Christian Fasting opens a vast invisible doorway that gives us direct access to God's power, wisdom and supernatural discernment. The result is prompt external breakthrough and inner / emotional freedom, healing and transformation ... Are you Reasy to Tap into This Amazing Source of God's Power?
  • Health Health There is NOTHING more important than health. What can we do without it? One could have millions... billions of dollars. But in many cases, all of the money in the world won'g make any difference. That's why we must learn to honor and take care of ourselves TODAY. It doesn't matter if you are obese, eat badly and feel like you are trapped. You're not. There IS a way out, and fasting is one of the most powerful tools given to us by the Creator, not only to lose weight, but to heal our bodies and even give us a jolt of fresh spirituality.
  • Men's Health Men's Health In this section I am giong to research and speak candidly about topics that directly affect men. This will include health, fitness, sports, entertainment, family, children, spirituality and marrried life.
  • Alternative / Natural Medicine Alternative / Natural Medicine More and more scientific researchers are coming to the conclusion that fasting, calorie restriction and the use of natural, herbal supplements do indeed improve human health quality. While in years past tradicional doctors would dismiss and even become hostile when alternative medicine was mentioned, the two sides may be slowly learning to work together. And I feel it strongly in my gut that the miracles they will discover together will bring more health to humanity in the next ten years than any everything that was diiiscovered over the past two decades.
  • Life Extension Life Extension The life extension movement (sometimes called the “radical” life extension movement) doesn’t just believe that we could end death by aging, but that we most assuredly will (assuming we don’t first end humanity in some great nuclear/climactic holocaust.) It’s almost a belief in manifest destiny, but the scientific principles underlying it have been getting increasingly solid. Google’s bet big on life extension with its Calico project, and more and more general electronics manufacturers are getting into biomedical technology too; even if you don’t plan on directly extending human
  • Skin Care and Anti - Aging Skin Care and Anti - Aging No matter what the condition of your skin may be, there are plenty of things that you can start doing to notably reverse the processs of aging. And you can do this without spending huge amounts of money on 'premium products.' Of course, there are some more expensive products that are excellent. Hower, if this isn't currently in the budget, you can still find a huge amount of excellent products that will do the job very well.

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